Outsourced Revenue Management

Improve productivity, exceed guest expectations, and drive the profitability of your hotel business with outsourced revenue management

Any hotel, big or small, needs to adopt strategic revenue management practices to generate revenue and stay competitive. It enables hotel businesses to optimize the way they manage their operations to achieve improved financial results. However, result-driven revenue management requires specialized knowledge and skills that only an industry expert has. At The Hotel Experts, we offer outsourced revenue management solutions, providing a real-time opportunity to have your own dedicated hotel revenue manager.

Our service excellence with top-notch hotel businesses indicates that remote revenue management is as efficient, cost-effective, and successful as having an onsite revenue manager. We have a team of revenue outsourcing specialists who have decades of experience delivering high-quality, ROI-focused solutions for the hotel industry. We will handle everything from forecasting to pricing, inventory management, distribution, and quotation analysis, ensuring outstanding financial results in the long term.

Our Outsourced Revenue Management Services

Would you like to manage your day-to-day revenues yourself or have an expert to handle everything, while you focus on fostering valuable client relationships?

Smart businesses choose The Hotel Experts.

We are the most trusted outsourced revenue management company, with highly competent hotel yield experts who work as an extension of your team for effective business development and revenue management. The Hotel Experts implements proven techniques and industry best practices to help you outperform the competition and increase your profitability.

Our revenue management services include:

  • Forecasting and budgeting
  • Devising a segmentation strategy
  • Setting strategic price points for all segments and accounts
  • Yield management based on room type, rates, segments, and the entire hotel
  • Implementing leisure, group and business strategy and quotations
  • OTA optimization and selecting the right partners
  • Analyzing costs per channel and optimizing distribution costs

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Why Choose The Hotel Experts for Outsourced Revenue Management?

Trust us for dedicated outsourced revenue management solutions that help you save time and manage your costs better while achieving greater yields. Here’s why we are the best choice to outsource expert hotel revenue management services:

Matchless Knowledge & Expertise: One of the biggest advantages of partnering with us is our vast experience in the domain of hotel revenue management. We have been successfully working with premier hotel chains and individual hoteliers globally, devising revenue strategies that help increase profitability.

Reduce Your Costs and Save Time: By outsourcing revenue management to us, you can cut down your costs in hiring an in-house team and setting up the infrastructure. By taking the responsibility of revenue management off your shoulders, we can help save your time that you can focus on improving operations and sales.

Passionate about Delivering Results: We continuously push our limits to offer innovative revenue management services, tailored to deliver measurable results for your hotel business. Our team implements proprietary techniques and definitive strategies to increase your revenues and boost the bottom line profits.

Gain a Competitive Edge: By outsourcing revenue management to us, you can increase your top-line revenues, improve productivity, and exceed guest expectations.This not only helps drive more profits but can help outperform your competitors who do not have an optimum revenue management strategy in place.

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